Strong women lead the way in Wujal Wujal – Marie Shipton

How to reconnect with culture? That’s a long story, it’s very difficult. When I was growing up, there were no drugs and alcohol. That’s why we used to follow our old people. We’d listen to their stories and their songs. We’d watch them dance, do corrobboree. It’s so important to pass our stories on, to teach our children and grandchildren. Our stories of our sacred country. Keep it strong in your family and pass it on. That’s what a healthy community looks like to me.

I’d like to see more programs for youth. We don’t have a youth group here and it would be good to get one going. I’d like to see more young people step up into higher positions, become someone. Support them to become leaders.

There is a disconnection from culture and language. I learnt from the strong women in my family. There needs to be a shift, something needs to change. I’d like to see more women involved with language and culture, going out on country, and showing the young ones what’s right from wrong, culturally.

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