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Pama Futures has a strong focus on planning and organisation at the level of the regions we work in across Cape York . Our focus on the broader sub-regions of the Cape is needed so that the land surrounding communities is better included in planning processes. Areas of land surrounding communities where land rights are recognised must form a significant part of the development story if people are going to reduce their dependence on government and sustain themselves from their land. Communities remain important; indeed, they are key focal points within each sub-region.  


Why regional governance is important

When it comes to participating in and making decisions about the future of a community, including terms of services and budgets, everybody residing in a community should be able to participate and have a voice. Cape York’s 17 Indigenous communities are artefacts of the mission days, and residents include Traditional Owners and those who have multi-generational historical and residential association with the community. Pama Futures acknowledges the diaspora of First Nations people living in Cairns and other outlaying areas that continue to have a deep and abiding interest in their home community and their ancestral lands.


Power in our voice


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have passed away.

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