PAMA FUTURES Indigenous designed and led

Our Plan. Our Way.

Pama Futures was developed by Cape York pama, for Cape York pama. It is our plan, our way.

More than 800 people were involved in original co-design. From that came the resounding message, that Cape York Indigenous pama must be at the table making decisions, not shackled by governments.

Pama Futures is supporting Cape York Indigenous locals to build inclusive representation for negotiators, to get organised, to put local decision-making structures in place to come to the table to negotiate agreements around services and programs and investment in local priorities.

Since 2017, pama from all over the region have helped to work out the steps we need to take our communities and we have called it the Pama Futures agenda.

It sets out a guide for structural change to put the power in local hands and supports communities to put development plans in place

We have been talking about self-determination and empowerment for decades, and we believe that this is the ‘how’ that has been missing.

Cape York first nations people are known for the pioneering work that has contributed to and shaped the national conversation on Indigenous affairs. Once again, Cape York pama set out their work a little differently, starting local level. Once local communities have their structures in place, Pama Futures support work on a Regional Partnership Structure.

In other Empowered Communities across the country, mob have been developing regional decision-making structures. But the goal remains the same, power back in local hands.


Power in our voice


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have passed away.

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