PAMA FUTURES Indigenous designed and led

Backbone teams in communities

Pama Futures empowers Cape York communities to lead a life they have reason to value.  We have Backbone Engagement Officers based in every community across Cape York, champions of Indigenous leadership for place-based Indigenous solutions.

For Cape York Bama.

By Cape York Bama.

The backbone teams ensure Cape York individuals, families, and communities shape their own Indigenous community plans, priorities, and regional agendas. These community-based positions are instrumental in building capacity development in governance processes for community decision-making, and assessment and goodwill negotiations around service delivery investments.

Alliance of Guugu Yimithirr People (AGYP) is an inclusive and collective voice of all Guugu Yimithirr people living in Hope Vale. AGYP stands for equality, strength and giving voice to the voiceless and vulnerable. Hope Vale took the Pama Futures agenda on board early one and formed an all-inclusive approach to community planning and decision making by building a community structure to negotiate directly with the Australian Government. The Hope Vale Backbone team are Amanda Fyfe, Peter Gibson and Timothy Rosendale

Wujal Wujal has Local Partnership Engagement Officers Meredith Creek and Keely Flinders on board. A Working Group has also been established made up of a variety of community leaders, Elders, Traditional Owners and youth representatives.

WWASP (Winchanum, Wanum, Apalech Sara, Puch) brings together the five clans of the Wik Nation. This local decision-making voice will negotiate directly with Federal Government and have a say on Wik community priorities and service delivery. A Senior Backbone Officer and three other engagement officers will form the backbone for the Pama Futures work in Aurukun.  WWASP is also supported by Mayor Keri Tamwoy.


Power in our voice


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have passed away.

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