Monitoring and evaluation for adaptive learning is critical.

An adaptive approach avoids the assumption that development is a linear process. It aims to be flexible and responsive to changing circumstances.  It is the First Nations of Cape York who are in it for the long haul—and it is their learning as individuals, leaders and organisations that must be central.

Effective implementation will be a formidable challenge. Indigenous affairs has been plagued by a pattern of effort at the front end on design of reforms (albeit the preoccupation has been with bureaucratic reform of service delivery), and a grossly inadequate focus on ensuring implementation is well managed and sustained over time.

Pama Futures will establish the delivery mechanisms needed for successful implementation to be pursued relentlessly and rigorously.

Under Pama Futures it is essential that effective implementation is supported by a monitoring and evaluation framework that tracks progress, including so that course correction can occur along the way. Such an approach allows learning across the partnership, particularly for Indigenous people whose futures are at stake, and who are in it for the long haul.