Across three days, a series of intensive Design Labs were held with all Cape communities to develop an evolved Cape York Agenda.

Following Summit 1, two people from each of sub-regions were appointed to be Sub-Regional Facilitators (Facilitator). Each Facilitator is an important leader of reform thinking in their family and community, and they played a vital role in facilitating participation, and providing ongoing communication between the sub-regions and the regional organisations.

Sub-Regional Design Labs

Three Design Labs in Cairns involved around 10-20 people from each of four sub-regions. The Labs were held over two days, with time for each sub-region to separately progress its plans.

  • Design Lab 1: approximately 60 people attended from Aurukun, Napranum and Weipa, Mapoon, and Lockhart
  • Design Lab 2: approximately 80 people attended from Kowanyama, Starke/Lakefield/Kalpowar, Pormpuraaw, and Hope Vale/Cooktown
  • Design Lab 3: approximately 100 people attended from Coen, Laura, Yalanji/Mossman/Mossman Gorge and Wujal Wujal, and Northern Peninsula Area.

The Facilitators played a critical role in preparing for the Labs, and they facilitated their own sub-region’s planning sessions at the Lab.